The Necessary Ingredient -
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The Necessary Ingredient


Communication education is the single greatest transformational game-changer in your student’s curriculum. According to the research, communicators are better students, receive more scholarship funds, and are sought after by employers. Communication education improves comprehension, study habits, test scores, writing skills, and retention across the curriculum. In many ways it is the ingredient that binds together all other academic effort for lasting results. Communication is the cement.

When I was in middle school my dad went into the concrete and rock business. I spent afternoons and weekends calculating how much concrete farmers and DIY homeowners needed for their foundations, patios, sidewalks, and chicken houses.

Frequently, budget-conscious customers look for ways to cut costs. In our modernized high-tech society, concrete is still made with four basic ingredients: rock, sand, water, and cement. The most expensive ingredient is the cement. Many new-to-concrete pouring homeowners skimped on the amount of cement in their mix. Note: farmers rarely skimped. They knew better!

We tried to convince them. Tried to encourage them to use the recommended cement allocation. But, in their efforts to stretch a dollar, many ignored this counsel. They labored to order, place, and finish concrete sidewalks, mow strips, and patios with a lower ratio of cement. And they were never, NEVER satisfied with their results.

Regardless of the amount of cement in the mix, concrete takes work: it’s messy, laborious, hard work – even for experienced landscapers and construction crews. We asked ourselves why someone would go to all that effort, time, and expense, then compromise the entire project?

Cement is the ingredient that binds all the rest of the effort  together. It’s what makes it all “stick.” Cement is what made Hoover Dam a modern architectural and engineering miracle. Cement is how the Romans built such impressive structures.

Communication is the cement of education. It’s the ingredient that catalyzes all others to stick. It’s the binder. It’s the glue. It’s the time-consuming, expensive component that makes all the rest of our labor worthwhile. Communication is what imparts real meaning and value. It’s the key to lasting transformation.

Skimp on something else. Be generous with communication education. It’s the difference-maker.

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