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    [Esther] Before You Are Ready To Speak – Are You Ready to Listen?

    Last week, I mentioned Moses as an excellent example of what it means to be ready – able and available – to speak. Another great case study is Esther. Like Moses, Esther knew her people were oppressed and in danger. A decree had been passed to kill all the Jewish people in the land. She had to speak up to save them.    In fact, as you read the book of Esther in the old testament (it’s only ten short chapters – and a fascinating read!), the fact that she needed to speak was clear. The message she had been asked to deliver was also clear.   However, before she…

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    [Moses] Before We are Ready to Speak, We Have to be Available

    Let’s say I’m the world’s foremost expert in solving a problem you have. And suddenly you find yourself in crisis mode. You don’t know anyone else who knows how to fix the problem. The meltdown begins. So you pick up the phone and call me, because I absolutely would know exactly what you can do to fix it.    Except I don’t answer your call. You hear that pleasant little voicemail recording: “The person at the number you dialed is unavailable right now.” I may have all the answers, but that’s absolutely unhelpful to you if I’m not available.   During our Communicators for Christ world tour this year, we…

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    Advent: Joy in the Darkness

    Depression. Anxiety. Crime. Suicide. Darkness. If you’ve watched the news at all during the past 3 years… if you have teenagers…. if your teens have friends…. There’s not a lot of talk about joy. But there’s a whole lot of talk about how hard life is.  So how do we talk about joy at Christmas? I’ve recently asked myself that very question. My husband of 36 years this month is gone. He’s never coming back here. I know he’s out of pain. I know he’s in a better place. But where does that leave me?  Mental health professionals tell us the holidays are the hardest time of year for many…

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    5 Ways Being Ready to Speak Will Help Your Student This School Year

    For 25 years, my organization, The Institute for Cultural Communicators, has been helping the next generation get ready to speak. With all the needs in the world, why is this our focus? Being ready to speak in any situation is a foundational skill for success in education and in life. It prepares students for every stage, gives them tools for whatever comes their way. Here are five ways communication skills help your student at school and beyond.   1. Your student is bully resilient.  Though they can look very different from the class bullies we grew up with, bullies are still a reality in the lives of many school-aged children.…

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    Everyday Ways to Practice Communication

    Communication at home can be hard. This struggle has been a hot topic among parents throughout the pandemic, and with a new school year and new routines looming, tensions and old habits often sneak back in. My organization conducted a survey of parents which showed us that communication at home is harder now than ever – and in many cases not happening at all. After months of sharing the same space with family (and for a good while, only family), teens generally turned inward and struggled to find anything to talk about. Grief and loss felt heavy, and otherwise tiny frustrations mounted. When we see our students pulling away and…

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    The Necessary Ingredient

    Communication education is the single greatest transformational game-changer in your student’s curriculum. According to the research, communicators are better students, receive more scholarship funds, and are sought after by employers. Communication education improves comprehension, study habits, test scores, writing skills, and retention across the curriculum. In many ways it is the ingredient that binds together all other academic effort for lasting results. Communication is the cement. When I was in middle school my dad went into the concrete and rock business. I spent afternoons and weekends calculating how much concrete farmers and DIY homeowners needed for their foundations, patios, sidewalks, and chicken houses. Frequently, budget-conscious customers look for ways to…