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    [Advent Week 2] The Prophet’s Candle

    Hope. This has been a theme in my personal reflections since my husband suddenly moved to heaven 3 months before Christmas last year. A reminder that Jesus’ very existence means even people grieving or hurting in this season – can have hope.  The biblical prophets were true champions of hope. Their resilience and faith bolsters me during the darkest times. And in this season I want more than ever to be able to share hope with others who need it.  The first candle we light on the Advent wreath is often called the “Prophet’s Candle.” In the Advent season of waiting, it’s a wonderful practice to reflect on those who…

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    Advent: A Story of Hope

    I thought and prayed a long time before deciding to write an Advent series again this Christmas season. You may know my husband David passed from this world to his eternal home on September 21st – just weeks ago. As I write, the grief is still fresh. It’s surreal. I keep thinking he’s going to call asking what’s for dinner…or if we could go to dinner. (We talked a lot about dinner!) At the same time, I’ve been thinking a lot about hope these past several weeks.  “And now, dear brothers, I want you to know what happens to a Christian when he dies so that when it happens, you…