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    Nourish to Flourish

    Years ago our family was visiting friends. As we were preparing to leave, my friend gifted me with a plant. While sliding into the backseat of our car, my then-8-year-old proclaimed, “She doesn’t know you very well, does she, mommy?” Even at their young ages, my children knew I wasn’t very good with plants.  My husband, however, had a green thumb. That’s an American phrase meaning “good at gardening.” I hope I can keep his roses alive now that he’s moved to heaven. Under his care, the rose gardens didn’t just survive, they thrived.  I – on the other hand – have always been especially talented at placing plants in…

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    How Do You Train Wiggly Boys for the Real World?

    As a mom of two young and energetic boys more than two decades ago, I distinctly recall standing at the kitchen counter thinking to myself: If I do nothing else I want to be sure they know what they believe and how to talk about it. That thought motivated almost everything that happens throughout the ICC organization today. After searching in vain for curriculum to train wiggly boys to articulate their ideas well, on and off the platform, I wrote my own. I sensed the need for like-minded community. I invited Christian families to join my children in our communication education adventure. Convinced communication must be relevant to real people,…